We have had many questions about the information we provide with our Crystals and Jewelry.  We do send our copyrighted informationto you on printed Certificates or on Velum paper when we send your Crystal or Gemstone Healing Jewelry and we also send a Crystal Gift which has the information Certificate as well.  We pick our gift for you by either looking at "Items I Love" on your profile or by thinking of you when we are picking your Crystal.  We want it to be a pleasant surprise.  We are honored you stop to look at our shop and want you to come back again

Certificates are often kept under the Crystal so you can refer to them during Meditation.

Some people like to frame their information sheet about their jewelry so they can read the Daily Affirmation and stone energies when they put on their jewelry to remind them of their INTENTION for the day.

  Blessings, Elizabeth and Michael