SEDONA Vortex charged METAPHYSICAL CRYSTALS and One-of-a-Kind Jewelry designs for your CURRENT INTENTION

CURRENT INTENTION is a collaboration of Michael, a Certified Crystalogist & graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and a certified Yoga Instructor and Elizabeth, a Crystal Intuitive & former Paralegal of 35 years. Both have been working with Crystals and Healing Gemstones and energy work for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind designs. Our highest Intention is to create a design that will never be mass produced Our jewelry is special to us and each one is designed as a work of art with gemstones and crystals hand-picked by us. No other person will ever have a design exactly like yours. We source our crystals and gemstones and clean, cleanse and charge them with Healing, Growth and Chakra Balancing INTENTION.

High in the Arizona White Mountains, a Full Moon Ceremony is performed that signifies a completion within one life path while setting the stage for a new beginning towards forward expansion in another. Each Crystal and/or Healing Jewelry Design was honored in the night energies and the Sacred Stones gathered the love of the universe as they undertook a purifying process with Sage, a Sweet-grass Cleansing and spoken Intention. In the light of the Full Moon they absorbed the energy of the evening and cleansing of the full moon. With the morning sunrise, the Sun activated and charged them with the power of cosmic consciousness.

In addition, your jewelry, Crystals were taken to specific Vortex’s in Sedona, Arizona for charging. The necklace description shows the Vortex to which the design was taken. (Read about the Sedona, AZ Vortexes below). Our Jewelry and Crystals have also been REIKI charged as well. This attention to detail and extra care is what makes them have such powerful energy and you can feel it when you hold or wear them.

Our Designs Include: Chakra Balance:

1st : Red - Root Chakra - Grounding and Centering
2nd: Orange - Sacral Chakra - Creative Forces
3rd: Yellow - Naval Chakra - Personal Power
4th: Green - Solar Plexus Chakra - Solar Plexus Gateway (we also have Open Heart which is Rose Quartz for Heart Chakra)
5th: Blue - Throat Chakra - Speak from the Heart
6th: Indigo - Third Eye Stimulation - Third Eye Awakening
7th: Violet - Crown Chakra - One with the Goddess
and Full Chakra Rainbow

The other designs are Intentional Growth Designs:

Overall Physical Health
Intuition, Inspiration, Imagination
Higher Mind
Conscious Dreaming
Ancient Wisdom
Shaman's Power
Ethereal Link
Psychic Enhancement
Yin Healing-Feminine Health
The Protectors
Psychic Manifestation
Pregnancy Protection

We work with Crystals and Healing Gemstones to produce beautiful necklaces and bracelets for whatever your Current Intention for yourself. The accompanying Daily Affirmation is a reminder of what you chose for yourself. Reading it every morning "affirms" your Intention for the day and whenever you see it, it reaffirms that Intention. No one will ever have a necklace just like yours. We do choker designs and if you prefer a crystal pendant on leather we do beautiful designs for those as well. We do custom orders and provide 25 designs with a list of the stone energies and a Daily Affirmation. We sometimes come across other items we put in our store, however, Gemstone Healing Jewelry is our highest intent.

SEDONA VORTEXES: Sedona spiritual vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers that are located at specific sites throughout Sedona, Arizona. Vortexes are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines. Ley lines can intersect in different ways, creating different types of energy vortexes. The three most common types of vortexes are magnetic, electrical and balanced vortexes.A vortex is a place in nature that is exceptionally alive and healthy. This is reflected in an environment of tremendous and moving natural beauty created by the four elements of earth, light (fire), air and water. In Sedona, this incredible natural beauty is also a result of an increased subtle energy vibration that emerges out of the earth. Each individual vortex radiates a unique vibration that can nurture the human chakra centers and enhance our individual human spiritual gifts. CATHEDRAL ROCK: Amplifies the energies of kindness, compassion, patience, and the nurturing essence of the feminine. AIRPORT MESA: Amplifies the energies of inner strength, self-confidence and the adventurous spirit of the masculine. BOYNTON CANYON: Amplifies the energies of honesty, openness, commitment and the ultimate yin/yang balance necessary for strong and healthy relationships in life. BELL ROCK: Amplifies all energies in an extremely powerful way. Often considered a mostly masculine charge this vortex vibrates a very high frequency, enhancing subtle energies on all levels.

Be in Joy, Michael and Elizabeth

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