Rare X-LARGE 12.5 Pound MANIFESTATION with 3/4" Manifestation Crystal Museum Quality GENERATOR Twin Flame Cluster Sedona & Reiki charged



The TABBY is for COMMUNICATION is one of the large points. On the bottom is a GROWTH INTERFERENCE CRYSTAL(8") for CLEARING HINDRANCES TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH; and they are EXCELLENT PROTECTION STONES. This Master Cluster is very rare, not only for its' size, but because it has almost every configuration known. This Crystal cluster has a large (3/4") MANIFESTATION crystal inside. It is one of the largest Manifestation Crystals I have ever seen. It also has lots of other configurations.

This amazing beauty measures 12 7/8” x 9.5” x 9” and weighs 12.5 pounds! There are two large points, both of which are 8" long. The Tabby IS 8" x 4" and the Manifestation Crystal 3/4".

This amazing clear Crystal tool has a MANIFESTATION CRYSTAL that is 3/4" which is clearly seen with the naked eye...VERY RARE.

MANIFESTATION CRYSTALS ARE THE RAREST CONFIGURATION! This Crystal is used for MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE, WORKING WITH PARENT/CHILD RELATIONSHIPS and clearing SLUGGISH ENERGY BLOCKAGES. This amazing Crystal has been cleansed and charged and is ready for use or display. It was cleansed in salt water, Full Moon and Solar Cleansing and Charging Ceremony then taken to Sedona, AZ to the Boynton Canyon Vortex, (Read more about these below) It was then Reiki charged. A very powerful crystal tool.

This MASTER CRYSTAL CLUSTER is an exceptional example of Arkansas Quartz. The Crystal Cluster is a formation of individual single point crystals, which share a common base. They represent the EVOLVED COMMUNITY, each member being individually perfect and unique yet sharing a common ground. They represent HARMONIOUS LIVING, reflecting light back and forth to one another so they all bathe in the radiance of the whole. These communities of light ENHANCE HEALING VIBRATIONS IN THE ENVIRONMENT and are excellent for helping to CLEANSE NEGATIVE ENERGY IN THE AREA WHERE THEY ARE PLACED.

The MANIFESTATION CRYSTAL is one of the rarest configurations available today. This special Master Crystal can be recognized by the presence of a fully formed crystal or crystals growing completely enclosed within a larger crystal. The clarity of the user’s intention is the key to working with the Manifestation crystal. These are powerful tools are FOR CONSCIOUSLY CREATING NEW FORMS IN ONE’S LIFE. The Manifestation Crystal reminds us that THERE IS ALWAYS A FULLY FORMED SEED OF CREATIVITY AND SPIRIT INSIDE US JUST WAITING TO BE RECOGNIZED AND BORN INTO REALITY. Meditation with this incredible tool enhances all forms of creativity and manifestation, especially when used during creative visualization exercises, intentional healing and affirmation work. They are appearing at this time to assist us in enhancing our inherent manifestation abilities.

The TABULAR CRYSTAL or “TABBY” have a different energy frequency than any other quartz configuration. They are flattened crystals with two of the opposing six sides being larger and wider than the other four sides. The Tabby Crystal serves as a bridge or connecting link between two points. Their power lies in their ability TO TRANSMIT FROM ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER WHILE REMAINING IN PERFECT BALANCE. They can literally BRIDGE THE COMMUNICATION GAP BETWEEN THE HEART AND THE MIND, HELPING TO TRANSLATE ONES’ FEELINGS INTO MENTAL AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUS VERBAL EXPRESSION. Tabbies are a connecting communicator that will always strive to equalize energies by uniting the poles with a common base. They are excellent tools for ALIGNING THE INTELLECT WITH THE INTUITION.

The LEMURIAN HEALERS / LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTALS are commonly used by light workers, individuals who have chosen, or been chosen, to work on aiding the planet and humanity at this time. These crystals are recognized by the horizontal lines that mark their sides that appear to be ancient “bar codes”, containing sacred information. According to the legends, if you are drawn to these crystals, they have something you need. During meditation, you run your finger or nail over the lines to accept the messages of awareness or insight from them. These Healers are especially HELPFUL FOR PERSONAL HEALING FOR EMOTIONAL ISSUES.

The DOUBLE-TERMINATED CRYSTAL a crystal that comes to a natural termination at both ends. These wonderful crystals develop in relationship to their crystal communities as autonomous, self-contained individuals growing outside of the confines of the community matrix and they exude a frequency of personal unity. These specialized Stones have the capacity to DRAW IN, AS WELL AS EMANATE OUT ENERGY FROM EITHER END. They FACILITATE THE BALANCE AND INTEGRATION OF ENERGIES IN THE CENTER AND CHANNEL THE FLOW OF ENERGY OUT IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. The Double-Terminated Crystal’s BOOST ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, ESPECIALLY ENHANCING PSYCHIC ENERGIES AS THEY SYMBOLIZE THE INTEGRATION AND BALANCE OF THE DUAL EXPRESSION OF SPIRIT AND MATTER. These are excellent tools for refining telepathic abilities. They can also be used to assist in providing protection from mental and physical harm, enabling one to maintain one’s energy shield.

The CHANNELING CRYSTAL is a much sought-after Master Crystal. It represents the numerology of the 7-3 combination. A “Channeler” can be recognized by a large seven-sided front face with a perfect triangle on the opposing face. Seven is the number symbolizing the intuition of the Higher Mind and attainment of the Mystical Truths while the three symbolizes the ability to express creatively and joyously. The use of a Channeling Crystal, ENHANCES CONSCIOUS CONNECTION WITH ONE’S ACCUMULATED KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM AND FACILITIES THE INTEGRATION OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. They can also be used to access wisdom of experience and enlightenment, which is available on other energy levels and dimensions. These crystals are excellent tools for meditation and conscious work with higher energies of light.

GROWTH INTERFERENCE QUARTZ CRYSTALS are formed when another mineral comes in and lies on the crystal during its growth period. The mineral may dissolve away or remain, but they leave marks from the disruption in the crystals growth. These can manifest as a split top or simply leave jagged lines (like carvings) on the crystal. They assist with accessing Higher Realms. Their energy ASSISTS WITH REMOVING HINDRANCES that are STANDING IN THE WAY OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND PROGRESS. They PROMOTE THE REMOVAL OF ENERGY BLOCKAGES and ASSIST WITH THE ALIGNMENT OF THE CHAKRAS. They may also be used for KUNDALINI ACTIVATION, making them amazing for ROOT CHAKRA work. These stones are EXCELLENT PROTECTION STONES, (SPECIFICALLY FOR PROTECTION FOR PHYSICAL DANGER), and are said to be particularly useful for protection for children.

The GENERATOR CRYSTALS are recognized by six natural faces joining at the terminated apex. These powerful crystals can receive, store, amplify and transmit energy on all levels. They are one of the rarest Crystal Configurations found in a natural (unpolished) state. Their geometric form focuses and distributes cosmic force energy into one’s life. They also magnify and intensify white-light energy for stimulation of the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and subtle bodies. Generators are powerful Healing tools as an addition to a light worker or Healer’s set as they focus energy. They are extraordinary meditation tools for FOCUSING CONCENTRATION AND ENERGY, then amplifying and sending it into the etheric planes.

LASER WANDS are recognized as long slender crystals with small faces comprising the termination. They carry within them the healing knowledge of the ancient root civilizations, as well as other worldly civilizations. The long straight configuration ALLOWS ENERGY TO MOVE AT A TREMENDOUSLY RAPID RATE THROUGH THE BODY OF THE CRYSTAL. Because the energy is directed and abruptly focused through the petite termination, it is beamed out in a laser ray projection. These power tools are wonderful for healing work because of their precise beam of light and are also wonderful for CUTTING THE EMOTIONAL CORDS OF JEALOUSY, INSECURITY, ANGER, SORROW OR GUILT.

The RECORD KEEPER MASTER CRYSTALS are recognized by the presence of etched tiny perfect triangles on one or more of the crystal’s faces. These etchings are the result of conscious programming by the ancient races that first inhabited the Earth and contain eons of wisdom and profound secrets of the universe. The Record Keepers have appeared because the soul of the human race is BECOMING READY TO INHERIT SECRETS OF COSMIC KNOWLEDGE AND CONSCIOUSNESS. They will be attracted to the exact right person at the exact right time to facilitate the actualization of this person as a healing agent for humanity and the environment. The information provided by the Record Keeper enhances ones’ light, providing for DEEPER ACCESS TO PERSONAL WISDOM. THESE CRYSTALS PROMOTE GREATER PEACE. THEY ARE HERE TO INCORPORATE HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, PEACE AND LOVE for our planet at this critical time in our evolution.

The SCANNER CRYSTAL configuration can be recognized by the occurrence of one or more wide flat sides. Unlike Tabbies, there is often only one wide flat side while the rest of the sides are in the more usual configuration. These are excellent tools for energy workers as THEY ENHANCE THE HEALER’S ABILITY TO LOCATE SLUGGISH AND BLOCKED ENERGY. They are also wonderful for SOOTHING AND BALANCING THE AURIC FIELDS AFTER ANY FORM OF HEALING WORK.

The KEY CRYSTAL can be recognized by one or more 3 or 6 sided indentations located on the crystal. These indentations are the result of the termination of another smaller crystal or crystals growing into the larger crystal and then releasing from the main crystal leaving an impression of their terminated point. The Key Crystal is an excellent tool for problem solving on all levels. Whether it is used to “unlock” doors to healing concepts or used for access to “unlock” illusive areas of personal growth, this configuration can ENHANCE ONES’ ABILITY TO DISCOVER HIDDEN AREAS OF HIGHER SELF-KNOWLEDGE.

The SOULMATE CRYSTAL can be recognized as two individual crystals of approximate length and size growing side by side. This configuration symbolizes and enhances the reuniting of compatibility between energies. While a Soul-Mate is generally defined as another being lovingly connected to you at the soul level who will facilitate and promote your spiritual growth; it can also represent the connection to all of the soul aspects of Self. Whether used as a tool TO FOCUS ON CONNECTING WITH ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL or as a tool FOR CONNECTION WITH THE HIGHER ASPECTS OF THE SLEF, the Soul Mate Crystal WILL ASSIST IN DEALING WITH THE FEAR OF INVOLVEMENT AND RELATIONSHIPS IN ANY FORM.

The TWIN FLAME CRYSTAL can be recognized as two crystals of similar but not equal length and size either joined at the side or joined in a V shape at their base. Twin flame crystals help us attract spiritual companions. These crystals serve as mirrors for how one appears on an inner level to the outside world. Meditating and focusing with a Twin Flame assists with ATTRACTING KINDRED SOULS WHOSE SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION IS COMPATIBLE. These crystals are wonderful for INCREASING SYNCHRONICITY IN ONE’S SPIRITUAL LIFE and BOOSTING PSYCHIC AFFINITY WITH OTHERS. They are also excellent tools for MELDING GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS AND GROUP MEDITATION.

The WINDOW CRYSTAL is recognized by the presence of a large Diamond shaped “window” located in front of the crystal. The diamond shape represents the balance between, and the synthesis of the spiritual and physical realms. In meditation, this powerful teaching crystal can open windows through which one can see beyond the illusions of physicality into the essence of one’s Higher Self. Gazing into a diamond window takes you deep inside yourself, CLEARING PERCEPTION, BRINGING UNDERSTANDING OF THE HIGHER SELF. The Window Crystal ALLOWS LIGHT TO FREELY REFLECT within the deeper regions of the human consciousness, ALLOWING FOR INSIGHTS that mirror the shadows of fear and insecurity inhibiting an INDIVIDUAL'S GROWTH & THE SOUL'S EXPRESSION OF LIGHT.

The RECEIVER CRYSTAL can be recognized by its one broad upward sloping front face. These master crystals are an excellent choice for drawing out, moving and receiving energy. The receptive face of this wonderful stone ENHANCES ONE’S ABILITY TO RECEIVE AND ACCEPT NEW CONCEPTS AND IDEAS OPENLY AND NON-JUDGMENTALLY. When used in combination with a Generator Crystal, they enhance and charge energy for circulation through the body. The receiver is also an excellent choice for dream work of all kinds as it receives and stores the dream for access during meditation at a later time.

The INNER CHILD CRYSTAL is one or more fully formed crystals partially embedded in another larger crystal. The smaller crystal(s) represent the child within and resonate a frequency that is excellent for work with any uncompleted childhood traumas or buried memories connected to being a human child. These loving stones REMIND US TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE “CHILD-LIKE” PARTS OF OUR NATURE and that play is an essential part of our overall growth. These crystals are also an excellent choice for parent-child relationships, ENHANCING THE VIBRATION OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.

The RAINBOW CRYSTAL can be recognized by the reflection of rainbow light inside of the crystal. The clouds and inclusions within the crystal are caused by water vapor, gases or internal fractures that occurred during the crystal’s evolution. These beautiful Stones produce the full spectrum of color as the white light of healing and perfection is taken into the crystal and reflected out as the individual rays of the rainbow. The Rainbows within the crystal create additional energy as the remind us of the incredible transformation of the light. They are excellent FOR DEALING WITH NEGATIVITY AND SELF-DOUBT as the rainbows REMIND US THAT LOVE IS WITHIN the life one experiences at every moment. The Rainbows PROMOTE HOPE, HAPPINESS, OPTIMISM, PEACE, CREATIVITY AND RESPECT.

The SELF-HEALED Crystal is a quartz crystal, which was naturally severed from its original matrix or cluster during a major earth movement, while in a liquid state. Their energy has survived a major natural disaster and they managed to make the best of the situation by healing and transforming themselves into many tiny separate terminations where there was once one. Often called Extra-Terminations, (ET’s), they have healed into a magnificent crystalline expression. These wonderful stones are TANGIBLE REMINDERS THAT ONE HAS THE ABILITY TO HEAL ONES’ WOUNDS AND STRENGTHEN ONES’ SELF IN THE PROCESS. They are excellent tools for self-healing and working with addictions.

EMPATHIC WARRIOR crystals are stones that show damage somewhere on the stone, and this can be either on the point or sides. This is one of the quartz formations that many people ignore, because they aren't the perfect pristine crystal, but having one in your collection will benefit you when you don't know where to turn for help. Crystals that have been damaged at some point in their journey, are powerful when dealing with personal “damages” and problems. They emit strong empathic energy that helps anyone who has a damaged relationship of any kind (parent/child, friend or significant other). This crystal configuration help heal wounding, whether it is on the mental, spiritual or emotional level. A powerful healing tool.

CLEAR QUARTZ encourages clarity & neutrality, improving perception and understanding. It supplies, stores, amplifies, enhances, and transmits energy. Reflects ones Inner Light while igniting our encoded talents with precision and mental clarity. It aids in discharging any emotional energy and negativity and reminds us of our own inner brilliance, reminding us we are a perfect reflection of pure white light. ENCOURAGES CLARITY, IMPROVES PERCEPTION & UNDERSTANDING. DISCHARGES EMOTION ENERGY & NEGATIVITY.

STARBRARY CRYSTALS - STAR SEED CRYSTALS are said to be encoded with information from other Star Systems and waiting to be unlocked. Think of it as a STAR LIBRARY which catalogs information. Many people say if you are drawn to these crystals, you have already been "chosen" to work with their energy and you accept the tasks you are being called to perform. Said to have appeared on the planet for Light workers, Earth Keepers, Visionary Healers/ Leaders, Energy workers and Bridge workers, they are Energetic Assistance in times of planetary crisis. Starbraries are here to provide information necessary for HEALING THE EARTH ITSELF. They are being found in the nick of time. They are said to bring information from our Cosmic Elders which is extremely unique and potent. These Crystal Tools are here to help give rise to a new level of consciousness, helping to fortify and heal the Earth both inside and out. Starbraries are here to assist with a bringing of Cosmic Knowledge to us. The Light workers who are "chosen" by these crystals are ready to accept this task and begin their search for these Cosmic Tools. Some Light Workers discover these Crystal Tools come to them or are already among their many treasures.

The language of the Starbrary Crystal is similar to that of Lemurian Seed Crystals, but more complex due to the incredible amount of information each one contains. This information is considered crucial to the growth and survival of the human race and the evolution of the planet as a whole. They are also thought to contain information required to help the Earth at a time of extreme global need or crisis. It follows, therefore, that these amazing and significant crystals are beginning to become available in various parts of the world, so that their reach to Light workers will be on a global scale. They are identified by the presence of glyph like markings, etchings, geometric symbols and patterns along their shafts and occasionally on the actual main face of the crystal, though this is very rare. Some also carry doorways (portals), WINDOWS or KEYS. While many other natural, unpolished Quartz crystals may carry similar markings, the energy and detail of a Starbrary is undeniably completely different.

MASTER STARBRARIES have the markings of most all the Starbrary configurations on them… CASSIOPEIA, ORION, PLEIADES, LEO and sometimes URSA MINOR and ANDROMEDA. This has CASSIOPEIA AND ORION.

ORION STARBRARIES , with their deep ridges and furrows which create very definite glyphs on the faces of the crystal, rather than along the sides or shaft. This is the only Starbrary which bears markings on the face. This wondrous crystal is connected with the people of the Orion system. Of all the Strawberries, it must have a ‘companion crystal’. This ‘companion’ may be a crystal of any type (not necessarily Quartz) and is more often than not, quite an unremarkable stone. The companion crystals sit in wait for a Starbrary to come into their energy field, which activates their abilities. The information contained within an Orion Starbrary is of such detail as to require a companion crystal to assist in first accessing the data, assimilating it into a form that is something than can be understood. This must be done before it sharing this information with other LIGHT WORKERS to assist them in their journeys for which they were chosen. The sharing of information is essential. The Orion Starbraries, it is said, are of the utmost importance and spiritual value to the future awakening of many more spiritual teachers, leaders, and healers to assist Non Natives in our ultimate task to heal our Grandmother earth. In order to accomplish that great task, it will take all peoples working together to for this common goal. This is the Starbraries’ MISSION and why these encoded crystals are found at this time in our evolution.

This is the ultimate time to follow the calling to be a Light Worker, Bridge Worker and Earth Keeper. It is a privilege and honor to be called as a Guardian, facilitator, or care taker of these miraculous crystals as well, as we at CURRENT INTENTION have found ourselves. Working together, these amazing crystals are finding their way around our planet to be with you, the guardians who will use them in the future. The Starbraries are thought to contain a way to create a direct communication with our elders from these far off galaxies. What a wondrous thing that these incredible crystals have been dormant just waiting for us to evolve in time to unlock their information, secrets and codes. With their monumental knowledge, the STARBRARIES PATIENTLY AWAIT THEIR DISCOVERY BY US SO WE CAN BEING OUR WORK WITH THEM. In time, we WILL LAY ASIDE THE FEAR, GREED AND ANGER.....ONLY THEN CAN WE BEGIN TO RECEIVE THE ANSWERS FOR WHICH MANY ON THIS SPIRITUAL PATH HAVE LONG BEEN SEARCHING. If you have discovered and been drawn to these amazing crystals, you should be humbled to the knowledge, that you are honored with a task and that you have been selected or chosen to work with it and receive their information. Respect your task and share its secrets you unlock with others as their time is coming. No doubt more people will begin to become aware and understand that the Starbraries will experience a simultaneous ‘awakening’ which will generate a display or pattern of AWARENESS AND LIGHT which will embrace our entire Grandmother Earth to assist in her healing.

These amazing crystals bring healing energy into your space to rid your it of negativity, sorrow, jealousy and to unlock hidden knowledge. Meditate with it then place them on your personal altar, display in your home or office to bring healing energies into your space and let it remind you of the Current Intention you chose to bring into your life.

ENERGETIC ASPECTS OF THE SEDONA, AZ VORTEXES - A vortex is a place in nature that is exceptionally alive and healthy. This is reflected in an environment of tremendous and moving natural beauty created by the four elements of earth, light (fire), air and water. In Sedona, this incredible natural beauty is also a result of an increased subtle energy vibration that emerges out of the earth. Each individual vortex radiates a unique vibration that can nurture the human chakra centers and enhance our individual human spiritual gifts. CATHEDRAL ROCK VORTEX: amplifies the energies of kindness, compassion, patience, and the nurturing essence of the feminine. AIRPORT MESA VORTEX: Amplifies the energies of inner strength, self-confidence and the adventurous spirit of the masculine. BOYNTON CANYON VORTEX: Amplifies the energies of honesty, openness, commitment and the ultimate yin/yang balance necessary for strong and healthy relationships in life. BELL ROCK VORTEX: Amplifies all energies in an extremely powerful way. Often considered a mostly masculine charge this vortex vibrates a very high frequency, enhancing subtle energies on all levels.

Contact us for special configurations you are looking for as we have many different configurations available, i.e., Abundance, Double Terminated, Key, Soul Mate, Record Keeper, Receivers, Cathedral, Trans-Channeling Dow, Manifestation, Window, Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Tantric Twin, Master Crystal Clusters and many more. Most are water clear and were charged at special vortexes and went through lunar and solar charging/cleansing ceremonies. (read about these in our shop profile). Current Intention

All information, designs, writings, configuration information, etc copyrighted ©2000 Sacred Healing Art Designers for CURRENT INTENTION. All designs, drawings, Configuration Statements, or other written information about Stone Energies and Daily Affirmations are the property of CURRENT INTENTION granted access to copyright through SACRED HEALING ART DESIGNERS and may not be used or copied.

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