2 POUND SOULMATE SCANNER Self-Healed Crystal Cluster Skull Rainbow inside Reiki charged Relationship Healing and Spiritual Growth


This amazing large SCANNER, SOULMATE, RAINBOW, INNER CHILD, SELF-HEALED, SCEPTER, STARBRARY (PLEIADES) CLUSTER weighs almost 2 pounds (31.29 oz) IT HAS A VERY RARE SKULL RAINBOW INSIDE! This amazing cluster has 2 Inner Child Soulmates that have hundreds of tiny formed (Self-Healed terminations) It is very unique with a SKULL RAINBOW inside the SCANNER. It is a great display crystal when not in use for meditation. SOULMATE CRYSTALS assists with DEALING WITH THE FEAR OF INVOLVEMENT and RELATIONSHIPS IN ANY FORM. SCANNER CRYSTALS enhance a healer's ability to LOCATE SLUGGISH AND BLOCKED ENERGY. The SELF-HEALED CRYSTALS are tangible reminders that one has the ABILITY TO HEAL ONES’ WOUNDS while STRENGTHENING ONES’ SELF IN THE PROCESS. ABUNDANCE CRYSTALS are for MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE. Smaller crystals are attracted to the larger crystal. The smaller crystals are symbolic of the abundance and profusion of things in life that are within easy reach. STARBRARY CRYSTALS are energetic assistance in times of planetary crisis. Starbraries are here to provide information necessary for HEALING THE EARTH ITSELF. If you are called to them, feel honored that you have been chosen to work with it and respect that task and share its secrets you unlock. A CRYSTAL CLUSTER assists with CLEARING AWAY NEGATIVE ENERGY and BRINGING HARMONY TO A SPACE.

This is a large cluster. It measures L 5" x H 4.5 " W 4" with a perimeter of 15" It is an amazing natural, unpolished, Arkansas Quartz that was Reiki charged. What makes this Crystal so unique is not only the RAINBOW SKULL, but that the SCEPTER SOULMATE is Self-Healed on both ends. One of the Soulmates is an Inner Child and the other is a SCEPTER Self-Healed, top and bottom (unique). It is a wonderful display piece to add the energy of COOPERATION AND HAPPINESS.

The SCANNER CRYSTAL configuration can be recognized by the occurrence of one or more wide flat sides. Unlike Tabbies, there is often only one wide flat side while the rest of the sides are in the more usual configuration. These are excellent tools for energy workers as they enhance the healer’s ability TO LOCATE SLUGGISH AND BLOCKED ENERGY. They are also wonderful for SOOTHING AND BALANCING the auric fields after any form of healing work.

The SOUL MATE CRYSTAL can be recognized as two individual crystals of equal length and size growing side by side. This configuration symbolizes and enhances the reuniting of compatibility between energies. While a Soul-Mate is generally defined as another being lovingly connected to you at the soul level who will facilitate and promote your spiritual growth, a soul mate can also represent the connection to all of the soul aspects of the self. Whether used as a tool to focus on connecting with another individual or as a tool for connection with the higher aspects of the self, the Soul Mate Crystal will assist one in dealing with the fear of involvement and relationships in any form.

The RAINBOW CRYSTAL can be recognized by the reflection of rainbow light inside of the crystal. The clouds, foils, and inclusions within the crystal are caused by water vapor, gases or internal fractures, which occurred during the crystal’s evolution. These beautiful Stones produce the full spectrum of color as the white light of healing and perfection is taken into the crystal and reflected out as the individual rays of the rainbow. The Rainbows within the crystal create additional energy as the remind us of the incredible transformation of the light. They are excellent for dealing with negativity and self-doubt as the rainbows remind us that love is within the life one experiences at every moment. The Rainbows promote hope, happiness, optimism, peace, creativity and respect.

The RECEIVER CRYSTAL can be recognized by its one broad upward sloping front face. These master crystals are an excellent choice for drawing out, moving and receiving energy. The receptive face of this wonderful stone enhances one’s ability to receive and accept new concepts and ideas openly and non-judgmentally. When used in combination with a Generator Crystal, they enhance and charge energy for circulation through the body. The receiver is also an excellent choice for dream work of all kinds as it receives and stores the dream for access during meditation at a later time.

An INNER CHILD CRYSTAL is one or more fully formed crystals partially embedded in another larger crystal. The smaller crystal(s) represent the child within and resonate a frequency that is excellent for work with any uncompleted childhood traumas or buried memories connected to being a human child. These loving stones remind us to keep in touch with the “child-like” parts of our nature and that play is an essential part of our overall growth. These crystals are also an excellent choice for parent-child relationships, enhancing the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance.

The SELF-HEALED Crystal is a quartz crystal, which was naturally severed from its original matrix or cluster during a major earth movement, while in a liquid state. Their energy has survived a major natural disaster and they managed to make the best of the situation by healing and transforming themselves into many tiny terminations where there was once one. It has healed into a magnificent crystalline expression. These wonderful stones are tangible reminders that one has the ability to heal one’s wounds and strengthen oneself in the process and are excellent tools for self-healing. This is an excellent tool for working with addictions.

An ABUNDANCE CRYSTAL is a larger crystal with individual smaller crystals at or around its base or sprinkled along its sides. The smaller crystals are symbolic of the abundance and profusion of things in life that are within easy reach. These crystals are good choices for personal work regarding self-limiting beliefs about abundance in one’s life. They remind us that we are only limited by the belief about what we deserve and are allowed to have. Abundance Crystals assist with ridding us of these self-limiting beliefs. As the smaller crystals are attracted to the wisdom and enlightenment of the larger crystal, we attract more abundance with the precision and clarity of our thoughts.

STARBRARY CRYSTALS are encoded with information from other Star Systems and waiting to be unlocked. Think of it as a star library which catalogs information. Many people say if you are drawn to these crystals, you have already been "chosen" to work with their energy and you accept the tasks you are being called to perform. Said to have appeared on the planet for Light workers, Earth Keepers, Visionary Healers/ Leaders, Energy workers and Bridge workers, they are Energetic Assistance in times of planetary crisis. Starbraries are here to provide information necessary for healing the earth itself. They are being found in the nick of time. They are said to bring information from our Cosmic Elders which is extremely unique and potent. These Crystal Tools are here to help give rise to a new level of consciousness, helping to fortify and heal the Earth both inside and out. Starbraries are here to assist with a bringing of Cosmic Knowledge to us. The Light workers who are "chosen" by these crystals are ready to accept this task and begin their search for these Cosmic Tools. Some Light Workers discover these Crystal Tools come to them or are already among their many treasures.

The language of the STARBRARY CRYSTAL is similar to that of Lemurian Seed Crystals, but more complex due to the incredible amount of information each one contains. This information is considered crucial to the growth and survival of the human race and the evolution of the planet as a whole. They are also thought to contain information required to help the Earth at a time of extreme global need or crisis. It follows, therefore, that these amazing and significant crystals are beginning to become available in various parts of the world, so that their reach to Light workers will be on a global scale. They are identified by the presence of glyph like markings, etchings, geometric symbols and patterns along their shafts and occasionally on the actual main face of the crystal, though this is very rare. Some also carry doorways (portals), windows or keys. While many other natural, unpolished Quartz crystals may carry similar markings, the energy and detail of a Starbrary is undeniably completely different. MASTER STARBRARIES have the markings of most all the Starbrary configurations on them… LIGHTNING STRIKE, CASSIOPEIA, ORION, PLEIADES, LEO and sometimes URSA MINOR and ANDROMEDA. This Crystal has PLEIADES and LEO markings.

PLEIADES STARBRARIES are from the Pleiadian System and are recognized by the geometric symbols along their sides - circles, squares, octagons, do-decagons, triangles and other geometric shapes, (not to be confused with Record Keepers). They often have very pronounced keys. Pleiades, together with the Cassiopeia, have the strongest energetic links with the people of both Atlantis and Lemuria) and Leo which has more linear symbols along the side.

LEO STARBRARIES are an encoded crystal from the people of the Leo star system. It is a more linear pattern but does share some similarities with the first two from Cassiopeia and Pleiades. The information contained within this type is more factual information than philosophical or spiritual. These are said to provide dates, major noted events, names and other more detailed information, i.e., weather anomalies and dates of such in order to assist Light Workers with information in preparation of those events.

This is the ultimate time to follow the calling to be a Light Worker, Bridge Worker and Earth Keeper. It is a privilege and honor to be called as a Guardian, facilitator, or caretaker of these miraculous crystals as well. Working together, they are working their way around our planet to be with the guardians who will use them in the future. The Starbraries are thought to contain a way to create a direct communication with our elders these far off galaxies. What a wondrous thing that these incredible crystals have been dormant just waiting for us to evolve in time to unlock their information, secrets and codes. With their monumental knowledge the Starbraries patiently wait for us to discover and begin our work with them. In time, we will lay aside the fear, greed, and anger and begin to receive the answers many on the spiritual path have been long searching for. If you have discovered and been drawn to these amazing crystals, feel honored that you have been chosen to work with it and respect that task and share its secrets you unlock with others as their time is coming in which they will be known and we can expect the Starbraries will experience a simultaneous ‘awakening’ and create a huge grid of celestial light which will embrace our entire Grandmother Earth to assist in her healing.

We were fortunate to obtain inventory from a mine in Mt Ida, Arkansas. These Crystals were in a barn awaiting their Caretakers since 1986. We were fortunate that synchronicity brought us together. We are unearthing amazing treasures daily. If you have a specific configuration in mind, please contact us and we will search our inventory for you. We are honored to be Caretakers to send these amazing crystals out to Light Workers. Thank you for allowing us to be of assistance.

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